Master's projects

Design and control acoustic micro-robots

Turning science fiction into reality, contactless actuation of micro-robots have paved way for clinical applications like targeted drug delivery. Traditionally, magnetic actuation has been ubiquitously employed for indirect actuation of a plethora of micro-robots to mimick motion of biological creatures. An interesting approach to achieve micro-robot propulsion is through harnessing energy from sound waves in form of sound-fluid interaction and vibrating air-fluid interfaces. In this project, we aim to develop compound micro-propellers with assemblies of acoustic actuation units to investigate different possibilities of motion.

The aim of this project includes design and development of different bio-inspired micro-robots. A comprehensive literature survey will be undertaken to investigate vibrating micro-structures and bubbles as potential means to achieve indirect actuation of micro-robots. These fundamental principles will be employed for experimental characterization of different micro-robot designs to achieve propulsion. Furthermore, the most optimal strategy of acoustic propulsion will be employed in tandem with conventional methods of magnetic actuation to develop next generation hybrid micro-robots.