Master's projects

Ultrasound and camera aided tracking of magnetic micro-robots

Magnetic micromanipulation provides an indirect means of powering clinical micro robots in order to deploy them for localized therapy. Controlled actuation of these micro-robots demands robust tracking of their position with regards to their environment. The most ubiquitous use of micro-robots often limit their actuation strategies to artificial workspaces under camera based vision. Therefore, clinical feasibility of micro-robots for advanced biological applications demands their visibility and detection under ultrasound guidance.
The aim of this project is to integrate an ultrasound imaging and tracking module to a magnetic actuation system designed to control micro-robots. Specifically, a custom designed programmable interface designed to actuate different kinds of micro-robots under camera guidance will be augmented with ultrasound based tracking functionality for feature detection. Moreover, different image processing strategies will be investigated to enable detection of multiple clinical agents including drug carries and bio-hybrid micro-robots.