Publications from 2021

Journal articles

  • F Khan, D Barrera, S Sales, and S Misra, “Curvature, twist and pose measurements using fiber Bragg gratings in multi-core fiber: A comparative study between helical and straight core fibers”, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 317: 112442-1–112442-7, January 2021.    

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  • C M Heunis, F Šuligoj, C F Santos, and S Misra, “Real-time multi-modal sensing and feedback for catheterization in porcine tissue“, Sensors, 21(1): 273–288, January 2021.

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  • T L Thomas, V K Venkiteswaran, G K Ananthasuresh, and S Misra, “Surgical applications of compliant mechanisms”, ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 2020. Accepted.  

  • V Magdanz, J Vivaldi, S Mohanty, A Klingner, M Vendittelli, J Simmchen, S Misra, and I S M Khalil, “Impact of segmented magnetization on the flagellar propulsion of sperm-templated microrobots“, Advanced Science, 2020. Accepted.