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Needle steering

  • Enhanced ultrasound imaging

    • 2013-2017

    The USE (Ultrasound Enhancement) project primarily seeks to bring out a breakthrough in ultrasound-guided interventions during breast, liver, thyroid and lymph node-relat...

  • CT-guided robotics

    • 2013-2018

    Cancer has caused about 13% of all human deaths worldwide (2007). However, survival ratio may be improved by early detection. Diagnosis of abnormal tissue is needed befor...

  • Haptic shared control for steering needles

    • 2011-2015

    We use shared control techniques by providing haptic feedback to steer flexible devices.

  • Ultrasound-guided flexible needle steering

    • 2010-2020

    Manual percutaneous insertion of rigid needles is commonly performed during minimally invasive surgery. These needles often deviate from their intended paths due to organ...

  • MR-compatible robotics

    • 2010-2020

    SRL develops MR-compatible robotic systems for interventions in the prostate.

  • Modeling needle-tissue interactions

    • 2009-2021

    Soft-tissue displacements during minimally invasive surgical procedures may cause target motion and subsequent misplacement of the surgical tool (or needle). Needle-tissu...

Continuum robotics

Medical microrobotics

  • Ultrasound-guided control of micro-sized agents

    • 2014-2020

    There exists at least three main challenges that stand between the utilization of microrobotic systems in magnetic-based targeted drug delivery. First, realization of wir...

  • Magnetic microrobotics

    • 2010-2020

    Magnetic microrobots provide opportunities in the fields of biological micromanipulation and minimally invasive surgery.