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Needle steering

  • Enhanced ultrasound imaging

    • 2013-2019
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    The USE (Ultrasound Enhancement) project primarily seeks to bring out a breakthrough in ultrasound-guided interventions during breast, liver, thyroid and lymph node-relat...

  • CT-guided robotics

    • 2013-2018
    • Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance

    Cancer has caused about 13% of all human deaths worldwide (2007). However, survival ratio may be improved by early detection. Diagnosis of abnormal tissue is needed befor...

  • Haptic shared control for steering needles

    • 2011-2015
    • Dutch Technology Foundation

    We use shared control techniques by providing haptic feedback to steer flexible devices.

  • Ultrasound-guided flexible needle steering

    • 2010-2020
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    Manual percutaneous insertion of rigid needles is commonly performed during minimally invasive surgery. These needles often deviate from their intended paths due to organ...

  • MR-compatible robotics

    • 2010-2025
    • Netherlands Enterprise Agency

    SRL develops MR-compatible robotic systems for interventions in the prostate.

  • Modeling needle-tissue interactions

    • 2009-2021
    • Dutch Technology Foundation

    Soft-tissue displacements during minimally invasive surgical procedures may cause target motion and subsequent misplacement of the surgical tool (or needle). Needle-tissu...

Continuum robotics

  • Magnetically-actuated bio-inspired soft robots

    • 2018 - 2028
    • European Research Council

    Magnetic actuation has the advantages of requiring no on-board power source, untethered control and easy “programmability”. Our aim to harness the advantages of magne...

  • Compliant design of continuum manipulators

    • 2018 - 2025
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    Continuum manipulators have the ability to conform to their environment and perform tasks in restricted spaces due to their redundant degrees of freedom. This makes them ...

  • Real-time shape sensing for flexible instruments

    • 2011-2020
    • Dutch Technology Foundation

    Flexible minimally invasive surgical instruments can be used to reach difficult-to-reach locations within the human body. Accurately steering these instruments requires ...

  • Multi steerable catheters for cardiac interventions

    • 2012-2016
    • Dutch Technology Foundation

    SRL develops systems to control steerable instruments to compensate for beating heart motion.

  • Magnetically-actuated steerable robots

    • 2014-2025
    • European Research Council

    Advanced Robotics for Magnetic Manipulation (ARMM) system could assist clinicians with the magnetic actuation of endovascular catheters.

Medical microrobotics

  • Acoustically powered microrobotics

    • 2018 - 2025
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    Harvesting sound energy to levitate grain particles has been ubiquitously employed as an effective way of indirect manipulation in microsystems. Inspired from this approa...

  • Flagellar and helical soft micro-agents

    • 2019 - 2025

    We are dedicated to create soft robots in the micro- and nano-scales that are able to swim controllably at low Reynolds numbers in diverse environments. These fascinating...

  • Ultrasound-guided control of micro-sized agents

    • 2014-2020
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    There exists at least three main challenges that stand between the utilization of microrobotic systems in magnetic-based targeted drug delivery. First, realization of wir...

  • Magnetic microrobotics

    • 2010-2020
    • European Research Council

    Magnetic microrobots provide opportunities in the fields of biological micromanipulation and minimally invasive surgery.