3D magnetic soft metamaterials with reconfigurable mechanical behaviors via fluidic control programming

Active mechanical metamaterials are an attractive proposition for soft robotics, electronic devices, and biomedical devices. However, the utilization of their uncommon physical and mechanical behaviors remains underexplored because existing fabrication processes limit the decoupling of structural frameworks from the responsive mechanisms. Herein, we propose a multi-step fluidic control programming strategy, fabricating 3D magnetic soft materials (MSMs) with reconfigurable mechanical metamaterial behaviors, enabling magnetic field-driven alteration between three different geometry modes in a single structure. The MSM lattices exhibit fast 3D transitions between positive (+3.4) and negative (-2.6) Poisson’s ratio . We then create MSMs with reconfigurable orthotropic behaviors, which demonstrate the positive and negative Poisson’s effect in perpendicular planes. In further demonstrations, fast and wireless response is validated by manipulation of falling loads and switching the states of electrical circuits. This research provides a controllable workflow for future magnetic soft metamaterials.