Continuum robotics

  • Magnetically-actuated bio-inspired soft robots

    • 2018 - 2028
    • European Research Council

    Magnetic actuation has the advantages of requiring no on-board power source, untethered control and easy “programmability”. Our aim to harness the advantages of magne...

  • Compliant design of continuum manipulators

    • 2018 - 2025
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    Continuum manipulators have the ability to conform to their environment and perform tasks in restricted spaces due to their redundant degrees of freedom. This makes them ...

  • Real-time shape sensing for flexible instruments

    • 2011-2020
    • Dutch Technology Foundation

    Flexible minimally invasive surgical instruments can be used to reach difficult-to-reach locations within the human body. Accurately steering these instruments requires ...

  • Multi steerable catheters for cardiac interventions

    • 2012-2016
    • Dutch Technology Foundation

    SRL develops systems to control steerable instruments to compensate for beating heart motion.

  • Magnetically-actuated steerable robots

    • 2014-2025
    • European Research Council

    Advanced Robotics for Magnetic Manipulation (ARMM) system could assist clinicians with the magnetic actuation of endovascular catheters.