Medical microrobotics

  • Acoustically powered microrobotics

    • 2018 - 2025
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    Harvesting sound energy to levitate grain particles has been ubiquitously employed as an effective way of indirect manipulation in microsystems. Inspired from this approa...

  • Flagellar and helical soft micro-agents

    • 2019 - 2025

    We are dedicated to create soft robots in the micro- and nano-scales that are able to swim controllably at low Reynolds numbers in diverse environments. These fascinating...

  • Ultrasound-guided control of micro-sized agents

    • 2014-2020
    • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

    There exists at least three main challenges that stand between the utilization of microrobotic systems in magnetic-based targeted drug delivery. First, realization of wir...

  • Magnetic microrobotics

    • 2010-2020
    • European Research Council

    Magnetic microrobots provide opportunities in the fields of biological micromanipulation and minimally invasive surgery.