Publications from 2023

Journal articles

  • M Richter, M Kaya, J Sikorski, L Abelmann, V K Venkiteswaran, and S Misra, “Magnetic soft helical manipulators with local dipole interactions for flexibility and forces”, Soft Robotics, November 2022. Accepted.

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  • C Li, S Misra, and I S M Khalil, “Closed-loop control characterization of untethered small-scale helical device in physiological fluid with dynamic flow rates”, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2200322-1–2200322-11, January 2023.

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  • K Zhang, A Klingner, Y Le Gars, S Misra, V Magdanz, I S M. Khalil, “Locomotion of bovine spermatozoa during the transition from individual cells to bundles”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(3):e2211911120-1–e2211911120-12, January 2023.

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